About Us

About Local Movement, Inc.

Local Movement is a Brevard County, FL based non-profit on a mission to support all types of community health through specific programs and strategic partnerships.

We focus on community health in these lights: Social Health, Economic Health, Educational Health, Environmental Health, Spiritual Health, Physical Health, and Emotional Health.

We see a need for innovative and creative programs within the community to bring about betterment in these areas as well as awareness campaigns to magnify and expand initiatives already in place through other non-profits in the community.

Understanding Our Mission of Collaborative Efforts For Community Health

Local Movement networks with community leaders, other non-profit heads, volunteers, corporate sponsors, and job providers in a continuing dialogue to determine unmet community needs. The identified needs and problems form the basis for intelligent collaboration among the proper parties in the community to best address these needs and to increase the positive impact of local actions in these areas.

The outcomes of such collaboration often require new fundraising efforts, new programs, new collaborative efforts, finding new volunteers, and new sponsorship of programs. Our signature 'Community Benefits' program offers fundraising collaboration through strategic partnerships that create residual fundraising for our beneficiaries.


In 2007 Local Movement’s founding directors began volunteering with non-profits that support spiritual outreach, meals for elderly, homeless veteran initiatives, food pantry services, and low-income family services in Brevard County, FL. In addition, founders have continually participated in environmental and disaster relief including water delivery and filtration systems outside the U.S., and building and building renovation for the needy, both in and outside the United States.

Becoming involved in these initiatives led to the realization that these valuable community organizations all had a few needs in common. They needed help with continual funding, marketing and awareness, and quality help in administering programs and communicating with their communities.

To these needs, we have answered the call and proudly work to support the worthwhile and invaluable non-profits that serve communities in any area of 'community health'.

Learn more about us and what we do by browsing our programs. Give us a call if you are interested in partnering with us to serve the community.