Community Benefits Program

Community Benefits Program

The Community Benefits Program is an ongoing fundraising opportunity offered to community non-profits.

The funding comes from for-profit companies who choose to give back. We call these companies Benefit Providers. Benefit Providers donate a percentage of the profits they make through a participating community or cause. The Local Movement Board identifies willing Benefit Providers and negotiates contracts for the disbursement of profit donations into a community or cause.

Our Program Coordinators identify qualified community non-profit organizations, such as schools, churches, missions, and charitable causes who are tax-exempt, who wish to participate as a fundraiser to gain donations. We call these organizations Non-Profit Beneficiaries. Once an organization is approved as a Non-Profit Beneficiary, they may participate in as many or as few Benefit Provider fundraiser offerings as they choose to or are available.

How is this different than other fundraisers?

The Community Benefits Program focuses on finding Benefit Providers willing to give back- who offer goods and services people already use. This means that instead of asking for cash donations from supporters (which are scarce), we create ways to fund non-profits through their supporters’ existing spending habits. Participation in this program should be in adjunct to, and not replace, existing fundraising efforts. This program offers an alternative to asking for direct cash donations. Supporters create donation funds through money they already spend on products and services they already use.

We provide a true win-win-win.

The supporters win by getting great deals while funding what they care about through items and services they already buy. The Non-Profit Beneficiary organization wins by receiving funds they would not receive if they were only able to ask for cash donations- from a larger base of supporters and on a more consistent basis. The Benefit Providers win by being introduced to and selling their products and services to a loyal audience without a large marketing spend.

Local Movement vets our Benefit Providers carefully to ensure they are appropriate products and services and that they offer real tangible value to our Non-Profit Beneficiaries.

Interested in becoming either a Benefit Provider or a  Non-Profit Beneficiary?

Please submit the appropriate form from the menu at right for review and consideration. If you are a non-profit, we do need a copy of your IRS status and your most recent 990 to consider the application. Each year in May, approved Non-Profit Beneficiaries must resubmit their latest 990 to maintain good standing.

We reserve the right to deny a non-profit participation based on our interpretation of any less than good standing and/or any less than a good reputation with either the IRS or the community being served by the non-profit asking to be considered. We reserve the right to deny a prospective Benefit Provider at our sole discretion.

Please allow up to 48 hours for our Program Coordinator to reply to your submission. Your Program Coordinator will be happy to discuss all the program options and coordinate the logistics for a successful fundraiser with you.

Approved and participating Non-Profit Beneficiaries receive a donation each month based on profits that the participating Benefit Providers generate through the Non-Profit Beneficiary’s audience as a fundraiser. Each Benefit Provider may offer a different % or donation amount. All participating parties are privy to and agree to the specific details in advance of any fundraiser and the details are publicly available and transparent to those supporting the fundraiser. The legalese version of this can be read on the legal page.