Benefit Providers

Benefit Providers

Are you a for-profit company who wants to give back to the community? Are you looking for a way to reach a  loyal and caring audience? Are you looking for an alternative marketing effort that you don’t have to pay for up-front? Do you have the right margins to be able to discount your product or services slightly while still sharing a percentage of profits with the non-profit community?

How do Benefit Providers participate?

Our Benefit Providers donate a percentage of profits they make on sales of their goods and/or services through a participating community or cause’s outreach efforts. Essentially, the Non-Profit Beneficiary shares your products and/or services with their supporters in exchange for some financial support. We call this Cause-branding. Potential Benefit Providers can expect to work closely with the Local Movement Board to determine the details of the offer and  identify the specific benefits to all parties.

Can cause-branding help my business grow while I give back to the community?

Yes! Our Benefit Providers fund what matters and are talked about and shared for it! Cause-branding is a great way to establish a new or expand an existing loyal, caring audience. This is truly a cause-branding opportunity across many different organizations. Being able to support and fund community non-profit organizations such as schools, churches, missions, and charitable community programs and causes through the growth of your business is a definite win.

While we won’t guarantee all of our Non-Profit Beneficiaries will participate in every provider’s fundraiser, we can guarantee that none will if you aren’t offering or participating in the program.

How does this type of fundraiser work?

For the non-profit, instead of asking for cash donations from supporters (which are scarce), we create funding through their supporters’ existing spending habits. This program offers an alternative to asking for direct cash donations. Supporters create donations through money they already spend on products and services they already use.

To be clear, this is not a one-size-fits-all. Every product and service may not be a good fit. If you can see your company’s products or services being shared in this way, submit a contact form to start the conversation.

We provide a true win-win-win.

The supporters participating in the fundraiser win by getting great deals while funding what they care about through items and services they already buy. The Non-Profit Beneficiary organization wins by receiving funds they would not receive if they were only able to ask for cash donations – and from a larger base of supporters on a more consistent basis. The Benefit Providers win by being introduced to and selling their products and services to a loyal audience without a large upfront marketing spend.

Local Movement vets our Benefit Providers carefully to ensure they are appropriate products and services and that real tangible value is being offered to our Non-Profit Beneficiaries.

Interested in becoming a Benefit Provider?
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      Please note that although we reserve the right to deny a prospective Benefit Provider at our sole discretion, our intention is to create winning partnerships. We look forward to a discussion and planning with you!