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Beachside Sustainability - Local Movement; Non Profit Fundraising

Beachside Sustainability

Beachside Sustainability Program

This program is not currently running under Local Movement

Update 10.19.21
Beachside Sustainability 32937 started as a group of citizens, neighbors, family, and friends with a focus on addressing the health and sustainability of the Brevard barrier island in area code 32937. Led by Sandra Sullivan for over 2 years, their collective efforts and Sandra’s research and action lead to the EPA reopening the investigation into contamination on the old dumps sites in South Patrick Shores, and then also finally receiving a designation for FUDS to clean-up the sites. While the clean-up may yet take years, it was a hard-fought win for the community of South Patrick Shores, the neighboring city of Satellite Beach, Brevard County as a whole, and all those who supported the efforts, worked tirelessly researching, collecting data and compiling information, and/or mapping the sites.

Please note: Local Movement never received, held, or managed any funds related to these efforts.    


Project Initiated by Sandra Sullivan

We have learned about alarming high incidences of cancer, ALS and immune system issues in our community. We know there is an old military dump under South Patrick Shores which has leached into our Banana River. We know there were old toxic chemical dumps on Patrick Air Force Base (PAFB), that while are now cleaned up, had been leaching into the groundwater for decades.  We seek the PAFB RAB reports, which will help us understand what to test for in the environment. We know there are WWII munitions spread far and wide across the 32937 area- which are known to cause cancer.

We have worked hard trying to uncover data and tie information together for our community’s peace of mind, well-being, and the health concerns our children share, and now – finally the EPA has re-opened the 1991 investigation.

The next steps we take as a community are crucial. We need to do local testing and present evidence to convince the EPA to approve the assessment phase towards a cleanup under FUDS (Formally Used Military Sites). We need to do testing of the groundwater, the canals, vapor testing, radiation testing, etc. Without this new information, it is unlikely the EPA will come to any different conclusion than they did in 1991. If this investigation closes without the EPA helping our community to clean up, the cost will fall on the backs of taxpayers (that’s us) and future generations of taxpayers (our kids). Not to mention, how many more will become sick? When will it happen and who among us are yet to get sick without a cleanup?

The time is now and #WeAre32937. We want answers, help, and nothing less than an organized, honest clean-up from the past contaminants and only sustainable-growth moving forward with capable infrastructure and accountability for a safe, non-toxic living environment for our families.