Helping Santa Program

Helping Santa Find His Way Program

Program Director, Mieko Hurst

The Helping Santa Find His Way Program helps the parents and/or caregivers of school-aged children that are experiencing financial difficulty by providing special needed items and fun gifts to be opened on Christmas morning. To date we have helped 19 families and 42 children-in-need experience a wonderful Christmas together that otherwise would have been destitute. Each year our program grows.

Christmas of 2018 brings our 5th year of service. Please take a moment to learn more and consider getting involved this year. No one can do everything, but each one can do something, each year, to enrich the life of another. ‘Tis the season!

At Christmastime financial burdens can feel more desperate to families with growing children… and giving can mean as much for the giver as the receiver.  The program has been helping families in Brevard County since 2013, growing a little each year.

This program is anonymous for the families who receive the gifts. No one giving or participating knows who the recipients are and the recipients do not know any of the benefactors. We work closely with local school leaders who identify the select families who may appreciate participating. Once a family agrees, we request a wish list of needs and wants. Next, we come together in a private facebook group and start dividing up the items requested to add to our individual shopping lists.  It’s a warm environment in a fun group that likes to give; as we share ideas, plans, pictures, and a hope that collectively we can make a child’s Christmas brighter and a parent/caregiver’s burden a little lighter.

By sponsoring in-need families for Christmas gifts, we hope to lift their financial burden so they may maintain their necessities, such as food, utilities, and rent or mortgage payments. We envision supporting their ability to ‘be present’ with their children and have a few presents to share on Christmas with their children.

Helping Santa Find His Way sponsors believe that Christmas is an important time for children and their families to create wonderful, life-long memories together.  It is our goal to help families during this special time of year who may need clothes, shoes, toys, sporting goods, books, puzzles, or music. On a case by case basis, we take a small wish list from the parents and caregivers, also.

If you would like to learn more or participate as a sponsor, benefactor, or donor – please give us a call or submit a contact form. We accept new sponsors into our group each year and would welcome participants in the facebook group. If you would like to make a monetary donation, our program director will make sure the donation is used to accomplish items on one of our in-need family’s wish list.