Community Bridge Program

Community Bridge Program

The Community Bridge Program focuses on helping people who are out of work, laid-off, or in critical financial situations, find temporary work to maintain their mental acuity and financial obligations. Local Movement believes that everyone should have the ability to maintain financial stability through the power of work.

The goal of the Community Bridge Program is to “bridge the gap” for out-of-work individuals so they maintain a source of income to prevent further loss, such as their home, car, car insurance, health, and healthcare, or just having enough to eat.

We believe that by working and continuing to provide for personal and family needs while seeking new employment, the job seeker improves their chances of being hired and improves their chances of gaining a higher paying, permanent, and satisfying job.

Loss of confidence, fear, and depression are reported as side effects of being out of work for many Americans. Those who can “bridge” their finances with gainful part-time employment while seeking another position report better mental health and positive outlooks.

This is a work program for residents of the community who are at risk of incurring negative consequences by not working.

We believe the health of our community is measured by the success of individual persons and families finding and having the opportunity to work, contribute to society, and/or participate and provide an income or service to others. In order for our community to succeed and be healthy, we must continually create  these opportunities to ensure everyone who can has the ability to support their families.

If you need help bridging an unemployment gap, please submit a contact form.

Our Community Resource Guide is coming soon.