The PATOO Initiative

The PATOO Initiative

PATOO is an initiative created to share the joys of volunteering in the community with children. PATOO (acronym) stands for: People Aren’t The Only Ones.

This program was created by a 9 year old to entice more children to find ways to participate and support local community animal shelters and environmental initiatives.

In Brevard County, children and their families should have opportunities to volunteer together with animal rescues, the humane society, animal shelters, and environmental projects for a cleaner and more healthful environment.  Volunteering may include providing services to maintain facilities, engaging in activities with animals, gathering donations of goods and monies for specific projects, cleaning up the lagoon, river banks, beaches, and roadways, planting new trees or implanting oyster beds in the lagoon, and expanding awareness about initiatives through fun activities.

Our intent is to support the creation of a generation that is aware of their community and the environment, supportive of volunteerism, and that recognizes their worth through their societal contributions, and that choose to make and be the difference.

We envision children collaborating with each other, families acting together, young adults creating community support clubs and community partners, adults and mentors stepping up and leaning in to make a difference in the community. Children and young adults participating will receive patches of achievement and other cool designations! Stay tuned!